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Besides death and destruction Deathwing is apparently also into the redecorating business. Some of the changes translate to several years of remodeling work.

I like the changes though. Feels like an entirely new game. With new things to explore. World also looks more vibrant due to better texturing.

Also, yeah this comic tends to be about what occupies me at that moment. So it’s not always office humor. But don’t worry, that too shall return.

3 Responses to “Remodeling”

  1. Tancaliel

    Way I see it, Jay's playing WoW in the office, during working hours*. So that'd still make it office humor, technically 😉

    (*I have multiple sysadmin friends, and every single one has been known to do this at one point or another.)

    • nismorack

      Yeah, that works. 😉

      Amusingly I've never done that myself. Did have a co-worker that checked the AH during work.

      • Tancaliel

        Yeaaah… I wasn't so much talking about "checking the AH". More like, you know… raiding dungeons, doing PvP arenas… the fun stuff. 😉

        I've never done it either, 'cause those super light terminal systems you typically use as a client administrator wouldn't really love me if I'd tried, I suspect. And when I did work as a sysadmin assistant the game hadn't been released yet (Summer of 2004). I did play UT against my supervisor at one point during that job, though. 😛


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