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I saw this recipe linked on Twitter and felt I had to try it. As I type this their dissolving so you’ll have to wait for the end results.

As for doing these crazy things at the office. I once ate insects during a lunchbreak. So crazy things do happen.

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  1. DaftMav

    lol this is indeed something you just want to try when you hear about it. Take pics when it's done dissolving?

  2. DaftMav

    lol this is indeed something you just have to try when you hear about it. Take pics when they're done dissolving?

  3. DaftMav

    oh snap, finally logged in. IntenseDebate is just crazy. It seemingly allows you to sign-up(not simply log-in) using OpenID, which is not very OpenID-ish, but then doesn't send me the verification e-mail that I'm required to use before it actually allows me to log-in.
    Anyway, this skittles vodka is indeed just something you want to try out after hearing about it. But I don't have vodka, or skittles. So take photos when it's done dissolving? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. tancaliel

    My friends gave me a bottle of raspberry infused vodka a little while ago. It tasted like a chemical raspberry flavoured, slightly sweeter than usual vodka. I didn't really like it straight up (but hey, I'm a girl, I tend to not like *anything* over 40 proof/20 vol% without mixing) but it was pretty good mixed with Fanta. Do Skittles come in raspberry flavour? (It's been AGES since I last had them, I wouldn't remember :P) If so, I suspect it might taste similar. ๐Ÿ˜›



  1.  Skittles Vodka —

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