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Recently Jim Lee was handing out Beta keys for DC Universe Online. I made an attempt at using one and SOE ‘said’ it was activated for me and I even got an email welcoming me to the beta. (it didn’t say which beta mind you) But after that, nothing. Can’t download the game, can’t find anything saying I’m in the beta or anything.

So that’s probably a failure on SOE’s side. Which doesn’t surprise me. Giving them your money is the easy part. Actually getting stuff in return is impossible.

Anyway, I did do some looking at how DCUO actually work. Though information is kinda scarce. Through some movies I managed to find out some things. Such as that you can choose a mentor. If I were to play my mentor would be Batman. I’m sure the other choices are fine, but this is Batman we’re talking about.

But this is how I expect Batman to react to a forced mentorship.

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