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This comic kinda requires me to break a kardinal rule in comics and joke telling. As the inspiration for this does have it’s roots in real life.

When I was about fifteen years old I started training karate. One of my various trainers was Sem Schilt who is four time champion of K1, one of the most prestigious fighting events in the world. At this point it goes without saying that this comic was inspired by him.

Though I kinda missed the whole thing a week or two ago he was asked to perform in the video clip of a band. During these recording someone stole his belt. At first he gave a public ultimatum of last monday before he would go to the police. On monday it was revealed that the whole thing was a hoax to promote the band called The Motherlovers.

Of course my brain immediately got to thinking, what if. And the whole setup would have been ideal for any game they made in the eightees and ninetees. Heck it’s where we got Shaq Fu from.

Here’s a link to the videoclip in question.

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